Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hand #363 The Culdesac Gift ... 3 hands in concrete today on my run through Bunker Hill

Going for distance, today I ran a relaxing 8 miles throughout the Bunker Hill area ...running a new route, always on the lookout for hands when I run neighborhoods. At the halfway point, ran down a dead end street... when I arrived at the end of the culdesac, this is what greeted me ...WoooHoooo! It seems fitting that on these final days of posting I would receive this gift of 3 hands in concrete.
Art in concrete "Hand" finds, as those of you who follow my blog know, are one of my favorite 365 posts!

Going back through 365 day Blog posts, counting today, there are 11 street hand finds:#78, #110, #138, #162, #177, #251, #259, #284, #303, #341.

Hand find along my running route through the Bunker Hill area... love finding hand art on the street
Hand find today on my 8 mile run through the Bunker Hill area... Hand in Concrete art!

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