Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hand #365 Mold Making Day: One Of A Kind Hand Plaster Cast created of my right hand

With a plaster cast I created of my right hand (using alginate to create mold and plaster to make cast, finished off with glaze), this 365 Hand project comes to an end. My husband and I have the perfect bottle of wine to share in celebration of a wonderful, fun, interesting and educational year! (See hand blog post #237 Meeker)

I’ve learned much over the past 365 days… here’s a list of the highlights
        ~  Success …. Reached my goal... I can do anything I put my mind to.

~  Support … I could not have done this 365 project without the support of my husband who had to live with my daily “hand” chatter, antics, creations and photos.

~  I found the artist in me… I’m an Artist… commissioned the first 50 hands for Art-O-Mat

~  Time … NO EXCUSES… I found the time daily to be creative and blog.  

~  JOY … I found joy each day … from creating, making a mess, the smell of paint, glue, crayons and markers, working under pressure, feedback from family,  friends and strangers, to the simplest hand finds which brought a smile to my face,  as I went out and about my daily activities....creating memories covering the full range of emotions...silly to serious

~  Sharp … my mind is clearer, I make business decisions quicker and easier and I am not so hung up in details and the “what ifs”.  I’m more creative with my business and daily tasks at work.

~  Discovery.....I love hand prints in concrete… if I drove a cement truck and laid concrete for a living, I would leave a hand print in my work at every job. I’m sure they have rules about that. I wouldn’t make it long on the job!

~  I learned to Blog… this was my first…. and won't be my last

~  I appreciate my right and left hand… they are of value and I don’t take them for granted

~  4 ongoing projects as a result of this 365 Project 

                Lend A Hand Project (helping others)

                The Inkspot Family (children’s book)  

                Art-O-Mat (small hand sculptures for sale)

                Hand Art in Concrete (calendar and wall art)

Mold Making Day... created a plaster cast of my right hand... one of a kind!
Mold Making Day... created a plaster cast of my right hand... one of a kind!


  1. Congratulations to you, you finished your yearlong-creativity-hands-project!
    I´ve enjoyed your project a lot, thanks.
    hope to see you again.... in other projects... or in another way..

  2. Great finale! Congratulations, and good luck on the other projects. I'm sure you will do wonderful things with them all.

  3. Fantastic way to end, your creations and success is very inspiring. Congratulations. x


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